Max SMS is a free Mac app for sending and receiving SMS messages through the Twilio Programmable SMS service.

macOS — Max v2 (595 KB)
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This app is great for business who want to send and receive SMS messages on a shared Twilio phone number.
Twilio lets you (in countries that permit it) send SMS messages from alphanumeric senders. This gives instant identification to your customers it is your company sending the message. Max SMS lets you send these messages straight from your Mac as long as you have internet access.
When adding an account you can either use the Twilio accounts credentials or you can use an API key. You also have the choice of requiring system authentication to access the auth token.
Note: Some providers DO NOT allow Twilio phone numbers to be used for SMS Two-Factor authentication, they detect this and give you no indication that's why it doesn't work. Check with your service provider they allow Twilio phone numbers before paying for one.

Twilio is an online service that allows you (for a cost) to create "electronic phone numbers" that can receive SMS messages. These phone numbers do not have physical SIM cards that can be lost. They can be accessed by anyone with an API key so access can be shared inside a team or with contractors. API keys can be revoked when an employee leaves the company.

Max SMS is a Mac app that makes it easy to view these SMS message inboxes. While you can do everything above on the Twilio website this app works with just API keys so you don't need to log into the website. It is free to use, there are no ads and the app doesn't collect any usage information from you on its own. It is sandboxed to only have network outbound access and a keychain group to store the auth key.

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